Console Heaven is the ultimate Gaming Van. Our van has been fully customised with full surround sound, air conditioning, HD Tv’s, Xbox’s, Playstation’s and WII U’s.  We are one of the only gaming van in the UK with outside screens which we try to use whenever possible, which is ideal for wheelchair users.  
We are powered by GAME, so we are able to supply any games to suit all age ranges. We are perfect for parties, weddings, corporate events, school proms, festivals, tournaments, stag/hen nights and much more.  
Why not get a few mates together and just hire us out, no occasion needed!
The parents love it because the kids just get on with it and there’s no hassle.


Have your employers hit their targets this month, do you want to reward them?. How about giving them a Video Game experience in our Ultimate Gaming Van.  See who can beat the boss or be the boss!!.



Why not get a group together in our Gaming Van and have a FIFA or COD tournament.  Packages always available.  Just ask for details. Be the king of the Midlands. 



Come and play and experience FIFA 15 on Xbox One or PS4 and see who the best player in your team really is.  Join in the atmosphere and see who can become champion. We will show the scores on this website so you can see how far up you are.



It’s not just birthday parties for boys, let the girls have a gaming party with a difference. Have fun on the Wii U’s by cheerleading, dancing and generally having a great time. See if you can beat the boys and be our leader on our  Mario chart.



Who needs to go on a pub crawl when you can have your own Video Gaming Van bought to your door.  Make this a stag do to stand out from the rest.  Make as much noise as you want for however long you want!. Our Gaming Van is soundproof so no need to worry about the neighbours.##



Kids bored during the evening reception, don’t want to be embarrassed by their parents dancing with granny!. The Gaming Van is your answer. Get them to  jump on the van knowing their safe and looked after, whilst playing age appropriate games.  Let them tell you how cool your wedding was rather than how bored they were.